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Website Development

  • We offer complete web services.
    We can build your application from the ground up. We can start with a custom made template, or a template picked out from one of many tempate sites. Then, we can make it exactly what you want. With experience in PHP, Javascript, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and more, we have the knowledge to create exactly what you're
    looking for!
  • We also offer limited web hosting. Starting at $60/yr ($5/month) and you receive unlimited webspace, 3 FTP accounts, 10 MySQL accounts, 10 pop3 accounts accessible by webmail as well. 99.9% uptime guaranteed!

Site Repair

  • Had someone build your site for you and they made a few mistakes you would like to correct? Want to upgrade your website or add functions to it? We can definitely go thru your existing code and fix errors, upgrade or add any content you want!

Website Upgrades

  • We can upgrade your existing site!
    • Want to add a Shopping Cart to your site?
    • Want to create a CMS for your site? Or even simply add a Contact Form?
    • We have affordable prices with quick turnaround times!


Database Management

  • Need someone to manage your database? Need an application to manage your own database, or even create an inventory system? We can write these applications and/or get MySQL set up on your server!

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